TIASA – Tyre Importer Association of South Africa – is a voluntary Association of persons with a common aim and purpose. TIASA does not engage in trading or other profit-making activities, including participation in business carried on by its members.

It is TIASA’s mission to:

• act in the best interest of all Members and protect and further the interests of the Members in ensuring a sustainable, environmentally sound, profitable and an organised industry and business environment for the importation, distribution, and marketing of tyre products in South Africa;

• ensure that healthy, fair and ethical competition takes place within the South African tyre industry;

• protect the image and integrity of the industry and to act as its representative and voice;

• protect the consumer by ensuring confidence in imported tyre products;

• work with and lobby government departments towards simplifying legislation and standards applicable to the different categories of tyre products;

• define a code of ethics in respect of imported tyre products in relation to importation, marketing, distribution, Black Economic Empowerment, and environmental matters, and adherence thereto;

• establish a policing mechanism for self-regulation;

• encourage all participants in the industry to adhere to the principles set out in this Constitution and the statutes, specifically those relating to sound environmental practices;

• lobby and engage government on a national, provincial and local level to further the general interests of the Association and its Members and if necessary, promote, support or oppose, as may be deemed expedient any proposal, legislative or other measures which may affect the interests of any or all of the Members;

• actively encourage and advance Black Economic Empowerment (historically disadvantaged individuals) in the tyre industry in accordance with this Constitution and the relevant statutes;

• co-operate with such other organisations and entities when expedient to do so in the overall interest of the environment and the Members of the Association;

• endeavour to promote representation of all stakeholders throughout the tyre industry; and

• promote co-operation and goodwill among Members for the good of the Association.

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